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From day one, DeFiZap focused on abstracting away the complexities of composing and accessing the most innovative opportunities in open finance.

Since launching Beta in December:

🔗 20+ protocol integrations

🔍 6,000 unique users monitored their assets

💸 $13M+ deployed into DeFi

🤩 by 1,500+ unique Zappers

⚡️ via 5,000+ zaps

❌ saving 18,000+ transactions

🕑 or 400+ hours

From being able to supply liquidity to Uniswap pools with a single asset via Unipooling Zaps to keeping your…

Analyzing DAI<>ETH LP vs. 100% ETH holding vs. 50/50 holding since MCD inception.

This report analyzes liquidity provisioning on the new DAI<>ETH Uniswap exchange from the moment it was deployed on Block #8,957,433 (November 18, 2019 04:15:18 PM +UTC) to #9,692,210(Mar-17–2020 11:58:52 PM +UTC) or roughly 120 DAYS.

📊DAI<>ETH LP Activity Since Inception:

Some conclusions:

  • HOLDING 100% ETH would result in ~🔻35.97% LOSS
  • HOLDING 50% in ETH + 50% in DAI would result in ~🔻17.98% LOSS
  • DAI<>ETH LP would result in ~🔻10.07% LOSS🔥
  • Since inception (~120 days ago) DAI pool liquidity provisioning outperformed holding 100% ETH around 75% of the time or ~90 days.
  • Uniswap liquidity provisioning on active pools is proving to be a great alternative to hedge your…

An ERC20 token that lets you accrue additional sETH LP tokens from automatic SNX rewards re-balancing.

We at DeFiZap are big fans of Synthetix project and are always looking for ways to improve the experience for this community.

For example, our sETH Unipool Zap helps users add liquidity to the sETH<>ETH Pool on Uniswap in one-transaction, using just one asset (ETH or sETH or other ERC20s). Inputs are split into appropriate proportions to enter the pool with to mint sETH LP tokens which represent your claim on liquidity provided + accrued exchange fees. Over 8,000 ETH has been added to the sETH pool using this Zap alone since it’s deployment less than 3 months ago.


Learn how to Get instant access to interesting opportunities in DeFi directly from your wallet. Lending, Staking, Pooling, Leveraged Liquidity Pooling and more…

DeFiZap is a system of smart contracts — Zaps — that deploys ETH (and soon DAI) across multiple DeFi protocols in one transaction. Get instant access to interesting opportunities in DeFi directly from your Ethereum wallet. 💸Lending, 🦄Pooling, ⛽️Staking, 🚀Leveraged Liquidity Pooling and more coming soon as we keep observing the space and remixing new use cases while keeping education at the core of our approach.

Note: when you use DeFiZap, you mint & receive the same…

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Pre-requisite: Basic understanding of blockchains, smart contracts, Bitcoin, and Ethereum.

DISCLOSURE: This is not investment advice. Please do your own research before investing. I am not affiliated, compensated or in any way associated with featured applications in my posts.

What is Decentralized Finance or ‘DeFi’?

DeFi represents a broad category of financial applications that are being developed on top of open, trust-minimized, programmable and censorship resistant networks to improve upon the legacy financial system or create entirely new use-cases.

DeFi vs FinTech:

The internet tremendously improved communication and trade execution speeds but was not…

Token velocity is the frequency at which the same unit of a token is used to process on-chain transactional value. We can calculate token velocity by summing up all the transactions processed on-chain throughout the year and dividing by the network’s average asset base.

For example, in 2016 Bitcoin processed approximately $58 billion worth of transactions and the average size of bitcoin’s asset base (market capitalization) through 2016 was $8.9 billion, so Bitcoin’s hybrid velocity in 2016 was 6.5 ($58/$8.9). This tells us that each bitcoin that is in circulation has changed hands 6.5 times in order to process $58…

Last month I attended the Asia Pacific Ethereum Meetup in Bangkok where developers from Ethereum, OmiseGo, Maker DAO and other projects gathered to share their progress. Most conversations revolved around scaling.

Besides having the incredible opportunity to interview Vitalik Buterin during this event, I was happy to see my younger brother, Eldari, ignite with passion for the technology. I myself started dedicating my full time to this industry last summer and wanted to involve Eldari more with development, not speculation.

I would like to thank Vitalik for being so open with the community. You can see the full interview below…

This is one of the best ways to get introduced to blockchains. Original thread:

Russian translation:

1 / Blockchain заменит сети рынками.

2 / Люди являются сетевыми видами. Мы являемся первыми видами, которые объединяются через сети через генетические границы и таким образом захватывают мир.

3 / Сети позволяют нам сотрудничать в случаях, когда мы идем сами. И сети выделяют плоды нашего сотрудничества.

4 / Перекрывающиеся сети создают и организуют наше общество. Физические, цифровые и умственные дороги соединяют нас всех.

5 / Деньги — это сеть. Религия — это сеть. Корпорация — это сеть. Дороги — это сеть. …

I’ve spent the last few months researching and investing in early stage crypto projects. Most of my focus is on 1st (Ethereum, Zilliqa, Dfinity) and 2nd (0x, Aragon, NEX) layer solutions because they will be the building blocks for all future decentralized applications.

Some of the most observed features of Initial Coin Offerings (as of January 2018):

ICO Flow.

  1. Coin offering details are announced.
  2. Whitelisting/KYC for private sale — most projects started performing Know Your Customer checks where you have to upload your ID and your selfie holding your ID. Furthermore, to avoid regulatory risks, I’ve noticed many projects completely excluding U.S…

In 2016 bitcoin transferred $58 billion worth of value on-chain.

The average market capitalization of bitcoin throughout 2016 was $8.9 billion.

So the ‘hybrid velocity’ as Chris Burniske called it in his valuation framework of bitcoin for 2016 was around 6.5 ($58B / $8.9B)

2016 Transactional velocity=14


In 2017 bitcoin processed $375 billion.

The average market capitalization throughout 2017 was $66 billion.

2017 Hybrid velocity=$375/$66=5.66 (13% decrease from 2016)

2017 Transactional velocity=5.66/0.46=12.30 (12% decrease from 2016)


Nodar Janashia

Co-founder deploy & manage capital across multiple DeFi protocols from one simple interface.

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